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Join Roswellian hosts @iamBrandon & @Pumpkinberry as they discuss the original Roswell TV show episode by episode with trivia, character studies, and lots of Tabasco sauce. 👽



Brandon Stennis, a Twitch Partnered broadcaster and the Community Manager of Lightstream, is an influential part of the streaming community, and a player on the acclaimed D&D show Rivals of Waterdeep. His favorite episodes are Pilot, Heat Wave, & The End of the World


PB, a partnered Twitch broadcaster, TTRPG showrunner, and podcaster has been a long time lover of Roswell. She runs a gaming podcast called The Deep Dive, and currently produces a surreal thriller fiction show GONE, an episodic, surreal thriller about identity, memory, and what makes us who we are. Her favorite episode is The End of The World.

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Ep 16 – Sexual Healing